COVID 19 shopping guidelines
April 28 2021  Changes to our service:



Due to current Public Health measures:  a few temporary changes in order to have full CONTACTLESS BUSINESS and allow us to continue to serve you.
Instructions for Service Customers:

1.  MASKS are mandatory. No service without a mask.


2.  For payment, until further notice, we will accept only email money transfer or credit card over the phone.

3. Email your service details ahead to and please include a phone number for us to reach you. 

4.  If you need to phone us, please leave detailed message and we will call you back.  It may take some time.   


5.  When you arrive at RPM and when the doorway is empty, come to the table at the front door.  A staff person will greet you from a distance, take all your information and let you know when to pick up your bike. You will leave your keys etc. on the table.

6. Retail purchases are curbside pick up only.

***The phones will be busy.  We will call you back.  Please check your voice mail for messages. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.